Ah… a fresh new blog-space!

So, my first post here. Allow me to introduce myself: I'm Pieter, both an artist and a programmer. I've got over 6 years of experience with level-design, I've done low-poly modelling for several years, I'm actively programming for about 4 years now and I have a bit of experience with texture-arts. I don't play any music instruments though so that's where it ends, sort of.

The reason to blog here? I'm creating a 2D platform game and I'd like to talk about it's progress. At this moment, parts of the games structure are done already, but the level structure, collision detection, sound module and various non-essential functionalities need yet to be written.

Besides posting about progress, I'll also talk about game idea's now and then, to receive feedback and to inspire others as well. At least I hope they're inspiring enough, those idea's of mine. ;)

Ah… a fresh new blog-space!

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