Purge thy downloads!

I just cleaned out my downloads folder. Usually, I'm a bit afraid to throw things away – you might just have some use for it, later – but I figured that if I'm not using it now, I'm probably not using it later anyway. Any tools I would need later can simply be downloaded again and it's likely I'll find even better tools in the process…

Anyway, the cleansing freed up well over 2 GB on HD space. Which gives me a total of 20% free disk space. And really, I can't imagine how all the things on my computer take up over 60 GB… I guess my old levels and art and such do have some impact, as well as 'forgotten' files and games…

SpaceMonger screenshotIt's time to dig up the nice little tool called SpaceMonger. Displays the selected drive as a collection of boxes (folders), sized according to their size on the HD. So, I'm going to check my C drive now. Are you with me?

// Just used it, and while it takes some time to analyse a HD, it already saved me 10 more GB. Now that's what I call purging. :)

Purge thy downloads!

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