Got a game-programming internship!

Good news! I recently got contact with the fine guys from Triangle Studios. They've offered me an internship, one that I gladly accepted. Things still need to be settled with school, but it sounds pretty good so far already. I'm really looking forward to work together with these guys on some fun handheld console games.

I've created levels for about 6 years, and the ever growing visual standard has gotten on my nerves. I'd like to see some more actual game – not necessarily less visuals, I like to see some cool stuff, but it shouldn't come at the price of less gameplay and shorter stories.

Tomb Raider: Legends for example, those environments look fantastic, but the game itself was a bit too short for my taste, and while the movement system feels great, I think it needs some more tweaking to add more challenge to it. Or Half-Life 2: Episode 1. I'll probably receive the box tomorrow, and from what I've heard it's great fun, but the story sounds a bit on the short side even for an episode. Oh well, there's an additional commentary mode and I think I'd buy the episodes for that alone – it's always good to hear what other people consider while creating their games.

Got a game-programming internship!

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