Is this what they call crunch-time?

It’s been almost three weeks ago that I started work at Triangle Studios. It’s my first experience in a real company and it’s going great so far. Tomorrow is the dead-line for our first game, and man do I hope I’ll make it on time. There’s several small items I still need to finish, and each item brings a certain ‘finishing overhead’ with itself. It’s that little question inside your head: “When can I call this finished?”. I did the credits screen today, and there’s various things I’d still like to add, but there’s just more important things to finish, like saving some high-scores to a database (recordstore as it’s called on a mobile phone).

Picture Puzzle

This does mean I won’t be working on Tar as much as I hoped to, but I will try to get some more stuff working. The game logic structure is up and running and the rendering is partially operational, so with some work I should be able to get enough rendering functionality up. Then a basic collision system and that should give me plenty of room to test some game-code. Well, it all doesn’t have a too high priority anymore now that I got a game-programming job anyway, but it’s still fun to work on something in your free time. Let’s see how far this goes. :)

Is this what they call crunch-time?

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