Finished titles: 1!

Yay, there goes my first finished game! After one month of working on top of someone elses code, I can finally say I’ve got a game under my belt. Ok, it’s a puzzle game, not quite what I expected to be working on, but it’s a great feeling nonetheless. :)
This week, I started working on a race game. Again, some core functionality was already done, so for me it’s mainly tweaking the menu code (which isn’t all that fun since the existing code was writted with much less functionality in mind) and adding race tournament logic as well as savegame functionality and such.

On top of that, I’ve also made some progress with Tar!. I’ve taken on the level loading code this time, which means I can now load levels into the game – click here to see the first Tar! level ever… There’s no collision system yet, so it’s not like the player cares about the carefully placed walls, but hey, that’s next on my list. Then comes the entity parsing, for which I still have to find a proper solution, one that saves me from modifying the parsing code for every new entity I develop, but that’s still some time from now.

Happy holidays to all of you, I’m certainly enjoying mine! :)

Finished titles: 1!

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