First (rough) style concepts

These are the first style concepts I drew for Tar!, besides the many sketches I’ve done on paper. Yeah, especially the second one is pretty rough, but that’s what they are: quick concept images, style tests. Enough talking, here they are:

Village concept

I like this one, though I want a little more happy colors, the wood is a bit too dark still but overall, I think it displays a nice, happy environment. Of course, this isn’t final art, it’s way too static and unpolished for that. :)

Tech concept

I invested less time in the second image, but I think it gets the technical, more oppressing environment idea across. I’m not really sure how to exactly display this, as I want the game to be accessible to kids, so a too dark and depressing environment is out of the question. I guess it’s finding a trade-off somewhere between a happy visual style and conveying the emotions I want to express in these levels.

If anyone has comments or thoughts on these concepts, feel free to post a comment here. It’s always interesting to hear the opinions of others. :)

First (rough) style concepts

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