Colli… woah, where did that thing go?

Just a quick update – it’s late here, and I’m late with updates anyway. I reworked the level file format last week, so I can now load various tile layers as well as loosely placed sprites, and there’s a seperate data chunk for the collision data. Since I wrote support for triangles, boxes and circles, Tar levels are not going to be as boxy as most tile-based games.

That is, once I get this collision system to work properly. I tested it outside the game code, which showed correct results, but some tests in-game obviously showed that something was wrong. The tar balls I’m spitting out hit invisible barriers and then fly off at incredible speeds. Probably something with the coordinate system or the way these objects are loaded. Or something entirely elsewhere…

Debugging. Ideally it’s pointless…

As for my internship, which takes most of my time these days, it’s finally speeding up. We’re getting close to the end of the QA phase now, which is a great relief: that first game will finally get published. Never expected this stage would take so long. That’s probably why first-hand experience is so important. You won’t really understand it otherwise.

Colli… woah, where did that thing go?