Cleaning up :)

Since the collision system showed some undesired results, I decided to clean up the renderer somewhat first before moving on and debugging that thing.

See, all it does right now is loading images, managing all visible objects and rendering them. All of them. After refactoring a game at work, I suddenly realized this system is going to be a bit painfull if I wanted to add some menus… or at least, easy switching between them. Writing a screen system, where each screen is responsible for it’s own list of visible objects, allows some more freedom. I’m also going to tweak the renderers resource management a bit: images that aren’t referred to anymore can be flushed.

And of course, the renderer should be capable of writing text and some basic shapes like lines, dots and rectangles. Those things are going to be usefull for debugging and a console system I want to implement later on. :)

Well, lot’s of idea’s there. Let’s continue implementing them. :)

Cleaning up :)

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