Taking a break and releasing games

Sorry for the silence here. I’ve continued working out the collision and the rendering systems, and the collision is going a lot better now. I fixed a few stupid mistakes – for example, an object would get moved for every check it did against another object, and the movement would not be reset after the check – and cleaned it up a bit and it works quite fine now. There’s a few issues, such as objects leaking through others in crowded area’s, but I’m sure I can figure out something for that.

Here’s a screenshot showing the collision system at work. The level blocks are a bit off and so are the soccer ball shapes, but at least it works:

Collision show

Oh, and the company I work for (or, well, it’s an internship, but it feels like work, so…) just released their first game: Drift Damage. I didn’t do most work on it, but I’ve refactored it a bit and ironed out a few bugs before my fellow internshipper started, so hey. :)

Anyway, time for a little holiday break. It’s going to be a busy and fun month and I’ve pretty happy with what I accomplished with Tar! so far, so it’s time to take a little rest from programming.

Taking a break and releasing games