Back in action!

Game-development update

After a long blogging silence I’m back into blogging. The past few months I’ve been working on a game-design project, together with 3 fellow students. I was responsible for the programming. I’ve used Python and the Panda 3D engine, and I’m quite surprized by how fast I could get stuff up and running. I’ll surely be using Python more from now on. As for the game, I got a scriptable system up and running within a few weeks, to make life easier for the level-designers. In the end, it turned out to be quite usefull, and adding new game entities was a piece of cake.

De Mensies

Of course, no project goes by without trouble. The collision system was somewhat stubborn to work with at first, and once I found my way around it, it turned out not to be 100% solid: sometimes, objects would fall out of the collision hull, and not even at too high speeds. I also was too optimistic in my planning, as polishing and bugfixing always take more time than you’d like.

Since one of my teammates continues to work on this game, I won’t put up a download. Right now, it only contains 2 levels anyway.

DeĀ Mensies

Let the prototyping begin!

I’ve also started prototyping some small game idea’s of mine. My dedication span is too short for projects like Tar!, it seems, so this is how I’m trying to train myself to finish things: taking on small, fun projects and working them out into playable games. If one of these turns out to be really fun, then I’ll take the time to polish it into a fully fledged game.

I’ve got a small list of game idea’s that sound interesting, at least to me, so I can choose which one looks most promising – and doable. Right now, I’m working on something that I call Block Breaker for now. It’s a sort of asteroids top-down shooter, but rather than firing shots at asteroids and decreasing their life, you fire cracks in them to fragment them into smaller pieces. Small pieces become unstable and will eventually vaporize, but you shouldn’t collide with the large blocks, obviously.

Currently, I can fire cracks into blocks, but I haven’t completely figured out how to create fragment pieces when a crack crosses some existing cracks. Test-phace screenshot:

Block Breaker

That’s all for now. Seeya! :)

Back in action!

4 thoughts on “Back in action!

  1. susheelraut says:

    What is this game about? Is it 3D?

    You need to add shadows to the game, they will look amazing. If your game is sufficiently low poly, then I would suggest stencil shadows, else shadow maps.

  2. Thanks for the suggestion. :)

    It’s a 3D adventure-like game, made for kids with learning disorders. That means that the gameplay is kept deliberately simple, but visually we focussed on giving them a wide variety of different-looking worlds.

    Shadows would be a nice addition, but they didn’t have a high priority for us: we had 3 months for the project, and there were lots of other things that had to be done. And I’m not sure if we could afford it, performance-wise: the collision system is slowing down the game quite some already.

    Maybe a simple greyed circle underneath the characters would be a good trade-off? Easy to implement, while still giving a better indication of where a character stands.

  3. jhaybz29 says:

    wow the game looks good, thanks for the advice at the forums, I’ll be looking at Python and the Panda 3D engine. I’ll definitely need all the resources(free of course) that I could get my hands with.

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