Goodbye mom…

About a year ago, my mother got cancer. First in her breast, then in her neck, then her head, and in her head again. The last time, she was too weak to be treated. She died yesterday.

Luckily we’ve been able to say goodbye a while ago already. She went downhill pretty fast during the last two weeks. She wasn’t even able to react to us anymore the last few days. It was scary to see.

I’m gratefull though that she’s in heaven now. She accepted Jesus Christ in her life, and that’s why she’s with God now. We, my father, brothers and me, experience Gods help too. It’s similar to when my best friend died: we missed him, now we miss our mother and wife, but we know they’re in heaven, and God gives us peace and strength to carry on. Even my youngest brother, who’s just eleven years old now, noticed and mentioned that.

It’s sad, but good at the same time. It’ll certainly take time to get used to, but I know we’ll make it because God is with us. And I know we’ll see her again when it’s our time.

Goodbye mom…

4 thoughts on “Goodbye mom…

  1. Gert says:

    Hee Pieter,

    kwam toevallig langs dit bericht omdat ik nieuwsgierig was naar je nieuwe flash game.

    Ik wil je alsnog mijn condoleances aanbieden, en heel veel sterkte!

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