In other words, I’m working on a second Flash game, and here’s a screenshot of the progress so far:

Aural Fighter screenshot

As you can see, it’s a top-down scrolling shooter. The above is still rough, visually, but that’s why it’s an alpha version. Your fighter will have several weapon slots, so you can use various weapon combinations. Later on in the game, you’ll be able to fit more specialized weapons on your ship, after a bit of costly re-engineering. Heavier weapons drain energy faster however, so your shields won’t recharge as fast when you’re equipped with 4 white star cannons, if at all. I’m still thinking out the exact dynamics for this however, so we’ll see. More news coming up soon, I hope. If my last school year isn’t too demanding, of course.

PS: If you’re interested in playtesting this game once it’s in a more playable state, don’t hesitate and leave a comment here with some contact information, or, if you prefer that, you can e-mail me through my portfolio’s contact page. If you’ve got some idea’s or suggestions, you’re welcome too. Thanks! :)


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