Enemies approaching!

It’s time for another progress update about Aural Fighter. smile.gif Though college is taking quite some time these days, I’m trying to spend as much time as possible on this game. This week, I’ve started work on an in-game level editor and I’ve drawn some enemy fighters and made a Python script that allows me to easily create new enemy types by simply editing a text file. This data is converted into HaXe code, so while it’s easy to modify some values, it’s also compiled as code, which means it doesn’t need to be parsed at run-time.

I’m thinking about doing different sets of enemies, each with a distinct style. This screenshot shows some of the first set I’ve been working on. It’s all still early work, but comments are welcome. smile.gif

Aural Fighter enemy showcase

Enemies approaching!

One thought on “Enemies approaching!

  1. He Pieter

    Superspel… na die demo te hebben gespeeld ben ik helemaal overtuigd. Maar euh… wel een beetje opschieten met een nieuwe speelbare versie.
    Succes met ontwikkelen!!!!



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