AI Wars – a side project

I promised to write about that ‘other game’. It’s a school project focussed on AI. Me and a friend are writing a turn-based strategy game similar to Advanced Wars, and some other friends are writing AI applications that can connect to our game. We’ve chosen for a Flash-based front-end, connected with a Neko-based back-end that handles the connections with the other AI apps. From there, it’s simply watching those AI agents duke it out against each other.AI Wars

As for Aural Fighter, it’s slowly becoming better and more playable. I haven’t done much on it last week due to being ill, but I’ve done some things nonetheless. Most of the missile weapons are now working: the guided missiles and splash damage missiles are pretty fun to play with and they’re quite powerfull. I’ll tweak the exact values once I can playtest some of the later levels, but for now, it’s fun to blow up waves of enemies with splash damage missiles. smile.gif

The first level is nearing completion, too. I only need to do some art for it and add several more enemy waves. I’m also working on the first endboss, which is going to be component-based. I’ll probably write some more on that in a later post.

AI Wars – a side project

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