What is Create-ivity?

This is where I, Pieter ‘Captain P’ Witvoet, talk about the game ideas and projects I’m working on. It will mostly cover games and prototypes I’m writing in my spare time, and maybe an out-of-place post now and then when I’ve found something that’s really worth sharing.

Who am I?

I’m a 23 years old christian and game-programmer. I usually enjoy creating game content more than playing it (with a few exceptions now and then of course). That includes creating art and levels but also programming and taking on design issues. I’m no musician however – although I recently started practicing erhu.

A little history?

My first exposure to programming came when I was 12. I wrote some funny and simply stuff in QBasic but dropped it after a year. A while later, I started creating levels. First for Starcraft and after playing with some other games, also for Half-Life. I’ve done that for more than 8 years. Eventually I got back into programming again. Starting out as a C++ fan, I’ve since worked with various other languages. My current favorites are haXe, which I use for Flash game development, and Python, which is generally useful for tools, prototypes and handywork.

My portfolio is currently off-line, so if you’re interested in my past work, feel free to add a comment.


10 thoughts on “About

  1. Guess who? says:

    Interesting stuff. But I don’t understand everything, since I don’t know much about gaming.

    But………keep up doing the good work I’d say!!

  2. a1979shakedown says:

    Hey did you have to pay to customize your CSS or did you create the look with the WordPress tool that you have to download(if so, do you have to pay to use what you’ve created)?

  3. There’s no custom css going on here. I’m using the Pool theme in combination with a self-made header image (that I’m not completely happy with but it suffices for the time being ;)).

  4. Yes, it’s my own work. I’m using Paint.Net for it – a healthy mix between Photoshop and Paint, and it’s free, even partially open-source.

    Your site looks like it can become an interesting source of information bytheway. I’ll keep an eye on it. :)

  5. Hey Pieter,

    I’ve got a bit of a python puzzle and I know how you love python, so I guess you’re the man to call about this. ;)
    Wanna help me out? purty please? :p

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