Collision system issues

Turned out collision handling was a bit more difficult than I thought. It didn’t came as a big surprize, as it’s not one of the easiest subjects anyway, but after I had finished the boolean collision checks (it collides, or it doesn’t), I started to think the rest wouldn’t be too hard anymore either.

My current approach is to look for the smallest intersection after moving an object, so to correct it’s movement. No problem with that, it’s just another few hundred lines of code. Then comes a problem: what if the corrected movement would cause the shape to intersect another object? No big deal, just check all other relevant shapes. But what if, after a few corrections, it would intersect one of the earlier shapes? That’s an issue I still don’t have an answer to.

Another issue is movement constraints. Certain shapes need to be constrainted to move only on a certain axis. Correcting movement becomes quite more difficult there – or at least, I haven’t found a way to correctly handle it yet. Currently I think doing multiple tests, at various points across the movement vector, might just suffice… hopefully.

Well, lot’s of stuff to test there. I hope I can get some substantial progress the coming time, as my internship takes quite some time and energy as well. It’s fun, though, and again encourages me to program in C++ at home. “Build once, debug everywhere” is the new latest motto at my job, and while I’m getting used to the don’t-worry-about-the-low-level approach, I still miss it at points. Sometimes it’s downright frustrating. Oh well, that’s probably the case with everything, so I’ll live with it. :)

Collision system issues

First (rough) style concepts

These are the first style concepts I drew for Tar!, besides the many sketches I’ve done on paper. Yeah, especially the second one is pretty rough, but that’s what they are: quick concept images, style tests. Enough talking, here they are:

Village concept

I like this one, though I want a little more happy colors, the wood is a bit too dark still but overall, I think it displays a nice, happy environment. Of course, this isn’t final art, it’s way too static and unpolished for that. :)

Tech concept

I invested less time in the second image, but I think it gets the technical, more oppressing environment idea across. I’m not really sure how to exactly display this, as I want the game to be accessible to kids, so a too dark and depressing environment is out of the question. I guess it’s finding a trade-off somewhere between a happy visual style and conveying the emotions I want to express in these levels.

If anyone has comments or thoughts on these concepts, feel free to post a comment here. It’s always interesting to hear the opinions of others. :)

First (rough) style concepts