Template programming & modelling ‘sprites’

Does that term ring a bell? No?

Just in case it didn't, it's a programming method that allows you to write functionality that can handle different types of objects. A template function that returns the biggest object of the two you send it only has to be written once, even if you use it throughout your code with different types. The trick is, the compiler generates an appropriate function for every different type you call the function with.

This means you don't have to rewrite your function for every new type it needs to support. If you're familiar with web-design, it's kind of like using .css files to store your websites style information in.

Coggie prototype model

Besides creating a template quad-tree that can be used both by the renderer and the collision system, I've also made a quick model of the coggie enemy. It's meant to be sort of cute-looking, with a charming in-game behaviour: coggies go stand on their hands and rotate their wheels against another as a sort of greeting, and they occasionally operate cog wheels found throughout the level as well. :)

I'm investigating screen-capturing animated models like this one. It's faster and easier to animate than a hand-drawing approach, but probably still requires manual polishing afterwards. Interesting…

Template programming & modelling ‘sprites’

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